Tuesday, March 22, 2011

3. Pie

14159 I take a slice excitedly
265358 My hungry hands are fixed, unitedly
979 Unvarying, exactly encircled--
32384 One in the handsome bowl
6264 Around my mellow soul.
338327 It's not integral, but it ascends
950 Ingestion-bound, transcends
2884 My constant, plodding bite--
197 A midsummer delight;
169 A winner overnight!
399 And dexterous, rapacious,
375 The fingers reach--
10 O, irrational--
5 Again.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wrap Rap

after "Drug Ballad" by Eminem

Back when doin' schoolwork meant problem sets,
This is how I used to eat (no regrets).
I used to pair baked with some steamed goods; "Let's
Just stick to fair trade at luncheonettes."
And snacks were rare -- plates would fill with balanced meals
(And if you care, weighed, my pounds were 'round ideal).
It'd take an air raid to pound my even keel....
I conceive good food until I start conceivin' reels.
Then, Tupperware's greasy;
It ain't easy to cease increasin' the piece of my patiss--
Are we to police
All our control 'til we roll, film shoots nutrition parole?
I can now tell production's taken its toll.
The whole trio's my feast -- Cheetos, Fritos, Doritos;
It's a feat to be so replete with trans fats and sweets.
Crawl out the trap as I snap the lens cap,
Stop eating crap, and conclude, "That's a wrap."