Sunday, September 30, 2012

Morning Ritual

My name is Dexter Morgan
And I have many talents.
At strangling, I am able;
At stabbing, I am gallant.
I've a shady moral compass
But I try to keep it real
Starting, first and foremost,
With the most important meal.

In my chic Miami kitchen
After my morning shave,
I make a killer breakfast
You'd be stupid not to crave.

I fry up slabs of ham steak
In my trusty Teflon pan
And I eat 'em up right then and there
Because I am the man.
I follow that with one fried egg
(Sunny-side-up, most days)
Topped off with tasty hot sauce
Or red pepper hollandaise.

No day of mine can ever start
Without a cup of joe.
I can't live without my French press--
It makes richer brews, you know.
After all that, I treat myself
To fresh-squeezed blood OJ.
It's full of antioxidants
And keeps the doc away.

With that, I'm set to seize the day--
Yes, seize and grab and trap!
I neatly stash my leftovers
In heavy saran wrap.

My name is Dexter Morgan
And I have many talents.
At frying, I am able;
At juicing, I am gallant.
I put on my shoes and then my shirt
And step out every morning
Knowing I'm a damn good chef
With knife skills, too -- fair warning.