Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Peter Peter Pancake-Eater

Peter, Peter pumpkin-eater,
Aren't you tired of this old meter?
Remove your wife from pumpkin shell
And once she's outside, treat her well.

A little bit o' spice, a little bit o' sweet
A little bit o' something delicious to eat
Pancakes are perfect for being discreet--
They meet the requirements of trick and of treat.

Peter, Peter pumpkin-eater,
On verge of madness your days teeter!
If you want to apologize,
Cook this meal before her eyes.

Dessert's in its name, but it's ever-so-stealthy
And hides in plain sight, even passing as healthy!
On this All Hallow's Eve, this costume's ideal--
A big slice of cake dressed up as a meal.